About us

New Himalaya Educational Academy is a secondary co-educational institution affiliated to CBSE, Delhi. It is a Day Boarding School established in the year of 2013, located in the bank of Naugawa River at Thandla in Jhabua District of Madhya Pradesh.

The school is run by ‘Surya Sadhna Sewa Evam Sikshan Sansthan Samiti’ – a non-profit, non-proprietary, charitable organization dedicated to the educational and social upliftment of the society - to satisfy the need of the general public, to provide quality education with moderate and affordable fees without donation to the children of the people of Thandla and its surroundings.

It is an innovative institution that imparts holistic education in a stress free atmosphere.  Our children are allowed to be active agents in the construction of their knowledge. We are committed to giving the child every opportunity to develop into independent, resourceful and caring individuals.

Our vision of education extends far beyond the classroom. We encourage our students to involve themselves in the broad co-curricular program. Learning here takes place in many shapes and forms. Students have the opportunity to participate fully on the sporting field, on the stage, in leadership activities, CBSE programmes on the debating platform. NHEA encourages its students to develop the capacity to look beyond themselves to find reward in giving to others, not only in their own community but also throughout the society.

The school has the pride of having a team of excellent teachers from different part of the country who have proven their capability and dedication. They are trained professionals who have the devotion of a parent and skills of a child development expert.

We are committed to educating and empowering students to be leaders with integrity,       outstanding skills and compassion. Together with our students, alumni, faculty, parents, we aim     to build a sustainable and equitable world. Our mission is the all- round development of children   in order to make them future ready, competitive and value based citizens of the world.

The roots of education are Bitter,but the fruit is Sweet

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world